PDF Files intended for viewing and printing are provided in Adobe PDF format. Most people already have Adobe Reader installed, however it can be downloaded for free at Adobe.
Word Files intended for editing are provided in Microsoft Word format. Many people already have access to Microsoft Word, but if you need free software that will work with Word documents, you can download OpenOffice.

This page contains many marketing pieces ready for use. You can add your local information as needed.

Marketing Documents:


PDFNews Release Template

PDFMedia Advisory Template

PDFMedia Talking Points

PDFMedia Interview Tips

WordFact Sheet

Graphic Files:

PDF Banner - prints 2ftx6ft.

SVdP Walk Graphic (Click Image to Save) SVdP Left Footprint (Click Image to Save)
SVdP Walk Graphic
SVdP Walk Graphic
SVdP Left Foot
SVdP Left Footprint
SVdP Right Footprint (Click Image to Save) Save The Date (Click Image to Save)
SVdP Right Foot
SVdP Right Footprint
Save The Date
Save The Date
Footprint with Year 2016.jpg (Click Image to Save) Footprint with Year 2016.pdf (Click Image to Save)
SVdP 2016 Foot
Footprint with Year 2016-jpg version
SVdP 2016 Foot
Footprint with Year 2016-pdf version
Blank Footprint Postcard Back (Click Image to Save) Blank Footprint Postcard Front (Click Image to Save)
SVdP Right Foot
Blank Footprint Postcard Back
Save The Date
Blank Footprint Postcard Front