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Dear Members of the Society,

I invite you to plant seeds in your young people that one day will grow to nourish the future development of the Society. I remember when I was young how Emmanuel and Sr. Rosalie believed, guided and encouraged me to serve the poor. I encourage you to do the same with youth and young adults in your parish. Do not be afraid to sow many seeds and be open to the many new possibilities of engaging young people in the Society. Take these new ideas, use them and support the hopes and dreams of others. Challenge yourself -- be inventive and persistent in putting creative ideas into practice as you continue to develop our network of charity around the World.

In gratitude and friendship,

Frédéric Ozanam, Founder of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Youth/Young Adult Handbook has arrived. A guide for the formation of a Youth/Young Adult Conference, the handbook is not an extension of the Rule of the Society. It is a roadmap to forming a Youth or Young Adult Conference within an existing Parish Conference.

Discover ways to educate the youth and young adults about the society, publicize the conference activities, and invite people to embrace change. Order by Fax: 314-576-6755 or e-mail: Jeff Morse Catalog number: 2070 Price: $3.00

World Youth Day 2011 – Madrid, Spain (Meeting with Vincentian Youth Aug 12-15, 2011) World Youth Day August 16-21, 2011.The Youth and Young Adult Committee of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is making plans to have at least 15 members attend the Vincentian Youth Gathering and the World Youth Day Events from August 12-21, 2011 in Madrid, Spain. The estimated cost of this event will be $3000.00. At this time, we are hoping to receive donations that will help defray some of the cost to our Young Vincentian Members. At this time, we have already made a deposit for hotel rooms in Madrid, Spain. The hotel is the Best Western Carlos V Hotel. We reserved accommodations for 15 people. If we have more people interested, we will make further arrangements. The Vincentian Youth meeting is using the website to communicate and the official website of the WYD is There is also a Facebook page that you can follow updates.We will be asking for a commitment of those who would like to participate by August 30, 2010. Please consider this opportunity to gather with other Vincentian Youth and experience the Vincentian spirit as well as the faith-filled opportunity of youth gathering from all over the world. Donations Accepted

In order to donate to WYD and Vincentian Youth Meeting, you may send your donation to:

National Office of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

58 Progress Parkway

St. Louis, MO 63043

or Go to and click on contribute.

There is a donation button for WYD. Please designate your donation for WYD and your region. We are grateful for the interest and excitement that the members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul are showing to our young people and we look forward to explore the theme, “Vincentian, A Way of Life Today” with our Young Vincentian friends from the various countries and share the spirit of Frederic and Vincent with them.